• Hilton Washington Dulles Airport
Herndon, Virginia •



We are locked in to the Hilton for 2018. We are hoping this will be our new home for the future. The management of the Hilton Washington Dulles was pleased with what they saw as we were not a rowdy or loud group. As those of you that were there the rooms were large. We changed the show to all room-to-room with no trade floor as was suggested by a lot of people a couple of years ago. It seemed to work out well. There will be no live auction on Saturday which seemed to to be the biggest complaint as it too away from the room-to-room on Saturday. I recommend that you tables as you will have room to set them. (Probably the largest rooms I have been in at any show or CANvention). AS like last year we will be on 2 floors with overflow on a 3rd. There are close to 90 rooms on a floor. There will be 3/4 beer stations plus the Hospitality Room (322) on the 3rd floor. Hopefully there will be one or two beer stations on the 4th floor. I will be working on a new contract for the next couple of years.

Pre-registration deadline is 1 Feb.
Pre-registered attendees are $30 for entry for the entire weekend which included the hospitality, pizza, coffee and donuts, soda and snacks. Pre-registered family member/guest are $10.00 which includes hospitality.
Walk-ins and Guests: $15.00 per day at the door or $35 for the week-end. Friday registration: $25 for Friday and Saturday which only includes hospitality.

On-site lodging notes
Saturday night stay at the Hilton Washington Dulles Airport is recommended so we can meet our guaranteed room block and keep the rates down for next year. Due to a large number of collectors in attendance early registration is suggested. We have 180 rooms blocked on the 3rd and 4th floors with option/overflow on the 2nd floor.

Download a registration form here.